Boom Construction Company is comprised of capable individuals who possess specialized technical know-how, the highest levels of customer service and knowledge of the local market that can only be gained with time and experience.

From the outset, the professionals at BCC were successful in anticipating the current level of development taking place across the State of Qatar. Working as a team, they were able to lay the foundations of the company, build strong relationships with clients and create a name and reputation for the organization.

“We are proud of what the company has achieved, and the fact that we are on par with renowned international firms”
— Mr. Ahmed Naddaf, Managing Partner


Boom Construction Company is devoted to providing services of the highest standards through the continuous development of capital assets in order to satisfy the clients’ needs. The team at BCC strive to build long-term relationships with clients, and pride themselves on safety, quality and time management.

Over the years, Boom Construction Company’s reputation has gone from strength to strength. Despite the recession, the company has managed to restructure and strengthen its management teams, utilize the latest technology and promote its services through effective marketing. BCC is on the fastroute to becoming the leading road infrastructure and construction firm in the State of Qatar. The company endeavors to provide excellent services by producing work of the highest quality, keeping up with state-of-the-art technology and continuously seeking joint ventures with international corporations.

The firm’s growth, enterprise, expert management strategy and expanding market penetration have proved that the team at BCC is committed to maintaining its reputation for years to come.

Why Choose Boom Construction

Boom Construction Company promises to meet the requirements of each and every client by using high-quality products and precise application methods. The firm works to ensure the job in question is completed correctly the first time to cause as little inconvenience to the client as possible. BCC works to provide the highest levels of service in the following areas:


  • Asphalt works
  • Sub-base works
  • Earth works
  • Road diversions
  • Road marking works
  • Hard and soft landscaping
  • Infrastructure and utilities
  • Removal of bitmac
  • ITS
  • Safety utilities
  • Water works
  • Civil works


Manpower, Equipment & Plants

Boom Construction Company invests its time and effort on choosing, state of the art equipment and vigorous manpower forming the center of BCC construction activities. When it comes to planning BCC, works tirelessly to maintain reputation and utilize efficient & effective manpower, equipment’s and plants.

BCC endeavors to select the most qualified individuals and provides them with rigorous training on a regular basis to achieve the highest caliber of outcome from each individual.

The critical role that equipment & plants play is underscored by the use of the latest and most advanced models. BCC follows meticulous maintenance procedures in order to ensure the technology used is always performing at the highest level possible.